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Pro Bono Augusta Eco Wellness Resort & Four Columns®

Para ajudar as pessoas mais desfavorecidas a recuperar a saúde e desfrutar de uma vida saudável e plena, criámos o programa Pro Bono Augusta Eco Wellness Resort & Four Columns®. Para isso, destinamos 5% do faturamento gerado através dos programas Holísticos de Saúde e Bem-estar que oferecemos no SIVANA Holistic Spa.

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Pro Bono Augusta Eco Wellness Resort & Four Columns®

FAQs sobre o programa Pro Bono
Última atualização: 06/02/2020
  • Pro Bono is the work that a professional or group of professionals offers in an altruistic way in favor of individuals or non-profit organizations that need it.
  • The Augusta Eco Wellness Resort & Four Columns® Pro Bono is not another activity within our Corporate Social Responsibility, it is really our soul, it represents our vocation and commitment to our own work and to society as a whole.
  • To add value to society by helping people who need it most, recover their health and enjoy a healthy and full life. These people, beneficiaries of the Augusta Eco Wellness Resort & Four Columns® Pro Bono program, in exchange for the assistance received, must, in turn, collaborate on solidarity projects that benefit the society, promoting a chain of favors in constant growth, being able to collaborate with asylums, social canteens, hospitals, day centers, prisons, NGOs, animal shelters, environmental protectors, etc.
  • The beneficiary must accept the documentation of its case and its possible dissemination so that other people can enjoy the benefits of the Pro Bono Augusta Eco Wellness Resort & Four Columns® Program.
  • Generate interaction and alignment with sensitized clients.
  • Build a solidary network of contacts.
  • Contribute to improve the social perception of our activity.
  • Improve the work environment and increase the pride and feeling of belonging.
  • Attract and promote conscious talent.*The current regulation does not consider the provision of professional services as a donation, so there are no tax benefits for these actions.
  • The Augusta Eco Wellness Resort & Four Columns® Pro Bono program aims to help improve the health and quality of life of people suffering from chronic, degenerative, autoimmune diseases… and who lack the resources and opportunities to recover their health.
  • The Coordination Committee for Pro Bono cases:
    • The management of cases referred to the Committee are attended, first of all, by a motivated, decisive and communicative professional. This professional, once the documentation has been reviewed, will present the case to the Monitoring and Attention Committee of the Pro Bono cases for resolution and inform the applicants.
  • The Committee is responsible for:
    • Review the received requests
    • Approve inclusion in the pro bono program
    • Supervise process monitoring
    • Encourage the participation of professionals
    • Assign teams to specific issues
    • Determine the economic budget
    • Set annual work objectives and involvement
    • Take care of the good use of resourcesPeriodically evaluate the development and application of the Pro-Bono policy.Ensure the reputation of the organization
  • Of interest to the applicant:
    • All requests will be studied in a personalized way, proceeding to the verification of the information expressed in the applicant’s questionnaire.
    • Your case will be treated individually by the Augusta Eco Wellness Resort & Four Columns® Pro Bono Committee, assessing the adequacy of the clinical experience and the available resources to your request.
    • If your request goes to a second phase of study, additional information will be required.
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