Social commitment

Since our inauguration in 1999, we have fostered a strong and determined Culture of Social Responsibility with a clear projection through charitable campaigns, for which we have always relied on the selfless and dedicated efforts of our clients.

As a result of this commitment, we have carried out various charitable actions in collaboration with several NGOs, at local, national, and supranational levels.

Our collaboration with OXFAM INTERMÓN for over two decades has involved jointly developing solidarity projects that enhance the cultural and economic development of disadvantaged communities across different regions. These campaigns have been driven by contributions from the Resort and its ownership family, as well as, significantly, the invaluable contributions from our clients. Some of the initiatives we have undertaken include: an education project in the Paraguayan Chaco worth €30,000; a productive resources training project in Peru worth €28,000; a rural education project in India worth €19,000; a project to strengthen small farmers' organizations in Guatemala worth €40,000; and water purification and hygiene programs in Chad (€37,000), providing 15 communities with access to clean and safe water, ensuring that something as basic as drinking water is not a risk to families.

In 2016, we reinforced this collaboration with the innovative program "Companies that Change Lives," aimed at fighting poverty by empowering small businesses and promoting women's leadership. This pioneering approach focuses on creating businesses and opportunities, developing SMEs, driving change in impoverished communities, and generating wealth and jobs in less fortunate areas. Crucially, it helps thousands of people, especially women, lift themselves out of poverty through their own efforts, providing them with economic and social independence, reaffirming their confidence in themselves and their capabilities.

This program participates in various projects, especially in West Africa and Latin America: projects in Bolivia to improve honey and fish marketing, a project in Burkina Faso to establish a local and quality rice distributor, and a project in Mauritania to professionalize the fisheries product team, with an expected contribution of over €15,000.

Furthermore, coinciding with our 20th Anniversary in 2019, we initiated a close collaboration with the Vicente Ferrer Foundation, developing 2 charitable projects in India's most needy regions.

– Scholarships to Ensure University Access for Students: The goal is to ensure university access for students who achieved the best academic results in secondary school exams to shape their own futures. The scholarship funds are used to finance materials for high school students, travel, accommodations, meals, and tuition fees.

– Residential Center for Children with Intellectual Disabilities: The objective is to ensure that children with intellectual disabilities receive quality education that promotes their social integration and provides them with equal opportunities in the future, including rehabilitation and therapeutic services for the development of vocational and daily life skills.

We also collaborate with NGOs in their mission of reforesting the planet, vital ecosystems for ecological balance, soil maintenance, and the fight against climate change. Through this collaboration, we have sponsored the replanting of over 200 hectares of forests.

We also engage with local animal shelters in creating actions to promote awareness of animal welfare. Additionally, we maintain a close collaboration with the vegan sanctuary "WINGS OF HEART," supporting their commendable work in protecting the most vulnerable animals.

All these funds are the result of the contributions made in the charitable campaigns conducted jointly with our guests. When staying at our establishment, guests are offered the opportunity to contribute with a €1 donation per night of stay, which is entirely dedicated to the advancement and development of these crucial charitable projects that contribute to generating wealth and opportunities where they are most needed. Moreover, to amplify the multiplier effect of these donations, for every euro donated by our clients, the Resort contributes an equal amount to the same campaign.

Moves Galicia Plan

The operation carried out consisted of the purchase of two electric vehicles with the aim of facilitating the mobility of our clients in the vicinity of the resort during their vacations. This initiative received 800 euros per support vehicle from the European Union's financial assistance to carry out the acquisition of these vehicles.
Thanks to this operation, our clients can enjoy a more ecological and efficient transportation option during their stay at Augusta Eco Wellness Resort, thus reducing their environmental impact. In addition, electric vehicles contribute to improving air quality and reducing noise in the vicinity of the resort, creating a healthier and more pleasant environment for guests and the local community.


Augusta Eco Wellness Resort has been a beneficiary of the European Regional Development Fund whose objective is to improve the competitiveness of SMEs and thanks to which it has launched an International Digital Marketing Plan with the aim of improving its online positioning in foreign markets during the year 2023. For this, it has had the support of the XPANDE DIGITAL Program of the Chamber of Commerce of Pontevedra, Vigo and Villagarcía de Arousa. A way of making Europe.

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Pet Friendly


Sabemos la importancia y el cariño que siente por su mascota y compartimos su afecto. Todo el equipo humano de Augusta Eco Wellness Resort es amante de las mascotas, y desde un canario hasta el mejor amigo del hombre, las mascotas son siempre bienvenidas. En el deseo de poder garantizar el confort de todos nuestros huéspedes, le informamos que hay normas que deberá cumplir para la admisión y el disfrute de su estancia junto a su mascota.


Todas las reservas serán bajo petición en las habitaciones específicamente designadas para la admisión de mascotas. El precio del suplemento variará dependiendo del peso y la edad de la mascota. Consulte las condiciones con nuestro departamento de Reservas.


El Resort dispone de áreas Pet determinadas donde podrá estar suelta y jugar como es el caso del Eco Huerto situado en el Augusta l.

Disponemos también de un circuito Agility (Augusta I) para el disfrute de su mascota.

Menú Bio para mascotas en Restaurante Potus (consulte a nuestro personal)

Equipo de aseo para mascotas: toallas desechables y pañitos y bolsas plásticas (bajo petición)

Consulte la Guía completa para una buena convivencia Augusta’s Pet Friendly con nuestro departamento de Reservas.
Con la contratación de este servicio, el Resort colaborará con el 10% de la facturación recaudada que será donado al SANTUARIO VEGANO WINGS OF HEARTS en la Comunidad Autónoma de Madrid para la protección y el cuidado de los animales más indefensos