Social commitment

Throughout these exciting 21 years, we have sown a strong and determined commitment to the Social Responsibility Culture with a strong projection both locally and nationally or internationally, with solidarity campaigns in which we have always had the indefatigable and disinterested effort of our clients.

Within the framework of this social commitment, we have carried out numerous actions aimed at improving the quality of life of the most disadvantaged, launching solidarity actions in collaboration with various NGOs from different fields and with a proven reputation.

This year we have started a sponsorship with the OCEANIUM DAKAR NGO to contribute to the fight against climate change through the reforestation of degraded ecosystems in West Africa. In this first project we have focused our efforts on reforesting the Casamance area (Senegal, Ziguinchor, Oussouye and Bignona departments) with 22,000 trees, cooperating in the recovery of its original state that will allow the restoration of the balance of its biodiversity. A project that is scheduled for completion in June 2021 and in which we have placed many resources, efforts and hopes.

Last year on our 20th Anniversary, we started a close collaboration with the Vicente Ferrer Foundation, developing 2 solidarity projects in the most needy regions of India:

- Scholarships to Ensure Access to the University of Students: its objective is to ensure access to the University of the students who obtained the best academic results in high school exams in order to forge their own future. The scholarships are destined to finance the materials of the high school students, displacements, stays, subsistence and enrolment fees.

- Residential Center for Children with Intellectual Disabilities: its goal is to guarantee that children with intellectual disabilities receive a quality education that favors their social integration and provides them with a future with equal opportunities. This project includes therapeutic and rehabilitation services for vocational and everyday life skills development.

On the other hand, our collaboration with OXFAM INTERMÓN, an independent NGO with more than 70 years of irrefutable experience, celebrates 2 decades of joint development of solidarity projects that enhance the cultural and economic development of disadvantaged communities in different latitudes. These campaigns have been promoted both by contributions from the Resort and from the owner family, and decisively, thanks to the invaluable collaboration of our clients. These are some of the initiatives carried out: education project in the Paraguayan Chaco of 30,000€; productive resources training project in Peru with an investment of 28,000€; rural education project in India with a budget of 19,000€; strengthening project for small farmer organizations in Guatemala of 40,000€ and water purification and hygiene programs in Chad of 37,000€, so that families in 15 communities have access to clean and safe water, and to drink water does not pose a risk to people.

In 2016, we reinforced this collaboration with “Companies that change lives” innovative program, with the aim of fighting against poverty through the promotion of small businesses by promoting women's leadership. A pioneering development approach, based on the creation of companies and opportunities. Driving change in poor communities through the constitution of SMEs, generating wealth and jobs. A program that helped thousands of people, especially women, to get out of poverty thanks to their personal effort, providing them with economic independence and social, and thus reaffirming confidence in themselves and in their possibilities.
This program materialized in different projects, especially in West Africa and Latin America. Some of the examples are the honey marketing improvement planning carried out in Bolivia; the creation of a local and quality rice trading company in Burkina Faso, and the professionalization initiative of the team of fish producers in Mauritania, with a contribution of over 15,000€.

In a closer sphere and under the premise "Think Global, Act Local", we have been collaborating, for many years now, with different associations in our territory such as “CÁRITAS DIOCESANA” or the farm animal rescue and recovery center VEGAN SANCTUARY (Madrid), fully delivered and committed to the defense of animals and where they host more than 300 specimens of different species. In addition to regular contributions, our animal-loving clients who travel with their pets, by hiring the Augusta’s Pet Resort service, contribute 1 € per pet/night that our establishment donates to this animal sanctuary.

Note that all the funds contributed to the different solidarity projects are the result of the collection obtained in the different campaigns carried out in conjunction with our guests, who are offered the possibility, each time they stay in our establishments, of collaborate with a donation of € 1 per night of stay. A donation that is entirely intended to promote and develop these fundamental solidarity projects that contribute to generating opportunities where it is most needed. Boosting the multiplier effect of these donations, for every euro donated by our clients, the Resort contributes the same amount to the same campaign.

We want to underline that all these contributions are audited and contrasted, thus guaranteeing total transparency and the correct destination of said funds.

Another of the collaborative options we offer is the commercialization of fair trade products, available at various Augusta Eco Wellness Resort points of sale.

We are convinced that, by cultivating Social Responsibility, we all benefit, managing to put in place the necessary measures to stop the growing problems that affect humanity and promoting solidarity and global responsibility.

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Green Key


Green Key es una ecoetiqueta voluntaria para hoteles que basa en el cumplimiento de estrictos criterios en el ámbito de la gestión medioambiental (agua, energía, residuos, limpieza...) y la educación sostenible (personal, huéspedes, proveedores...).

La obtención del distintivo Green Key certifica la excelencia en el campo de la responsabilidad ambiental y la operación sostenible dentro de la industria hotelera. Green Key ha sido otorgado a más de 3.100 establecimientos en 66 países, lo que la convierte en uno de los distintivos de turismo sostenible más importante a nivel internacional.

¿Qué significa el distintivo Green Key?

Green Key significa que los establecimientos distinguidos cumplen con los estrictos criterios estipulados por la Fundación para la Educación Ambiental (FEE). Estos criterios aseguran que la sostenibilidad está integrada en la gestión y operación del hotel. El distintivo también garantiza la verificación del cumplimiento de los criterios con las bases de la legitimidad, oportunidad y transparencia. Todos los establecimientos distinguidos reciben visitas de control in situ, así como verificaciones documentales que conllevan en renovar su reconocimiento de manera anual.

¿Cómo se monitorea Green Key?

Los establecimientos con el distintivo Green Key, son supervisados constantemente para garantizar que los hoteles se adhieran a los estrictos estándares de sostenibilidad. Además, los hoteles deben mejorar continuamente su desempeño de acuerdo con los criterios Green Key. Antes de otorgarse el distintivo por primera vez, se lleva a cabo una visita de control in situ del hotel solicitante. Esta visita de control in situ se realiza anualmente.

Green Key cuenta con el apoyo de la Organización Mundial del Turismo y el reconocimiento del Consejo Global de Turismo Sostenible.

Centro SANívoros la Buena Vida


Un método único que integra terapias naturales y holísticas, nutrición, fisiología, hábitos de vida saludable, emociones y espiritualidad. La cosmovisión SANÍvora observa al ser humano bajo una perspectiva holística y funcional como un Todo integrado, desarrollando para ello una metodología sinérgica y multidisciplinar que permite identificar y actuar con éxito sobre todas las claves de la salud y longevidad.


La Alimentación SANÍvora Consciente está orientada a quienes quieren aprender y cuidar de una forma más sana y saludable su alimentación, sin renunciar ni a la cantidad de comida ni a su espíritu más gourmet. Sigue los principios de la Alimentación Terapéutica y la nutrición saludable, destacando por una elaboración variada a partir de productos naturales de cercanía, siempre frescos y recién cocinados para favorecer la capacidad depuradora, reparadora y regeneradora del organismo.


Una amplia colección de actividades para toda la familia. Yoga, Música, Eco-Talleres, Meditación… Nuestro equipo de terapeutas te ayudarán a alcanzar tu mejor versión con distintas experiencias centradas en tu bienestar, el autoconocimiento y el aprendizaje continuo.