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At Sivana Holistic Spa you can benefit from all the benefits of classical hydrotherapy, in addition to receiving innovative and effective holistic health...

40 Treatment Rooms
+ 130 Treatments
8 Heated Pools
9 Jacuzzies
4 Saunas
2 Turkish Baths
1 Celtic Bath
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Unlock the potential of Body, Mind, and Soul

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Carried out exclusively in our Pythagorean couch dome. A vibrational massage with instruments of the highest harmonic quality, such as the monochord, quartz bowls, crystal harp, tingshas, gong, among others. It is a deeply relaxing and harmonizing session that will lead you to a state of calm and fulfillment, where you can release certain emotional and energetic blockages that limit you in life.

An effective drainage technique that combines deep manual massage with the use of suction cups and the application of essential oils and natural active ingredients. A perfect symbiosis that stimulates metabolism and provides new energy to the tissues. It contributes to the recovery of harmony and energetic balance in the body, also providing aesthetic results

An integrative treatment that includes a bath, wrap, and Bioenergetic massage, facilitating the regeneration and activation of the body’s cells, the renewal of the mind, and the restoration of internal balance

A unique and initiatory experience lived individually and personally. It takes place within our Flotation Pool Flotarium, which transforms into a temple and cradle for deep meditation and relaxation in the aquatic environment. Accompanied by a sound bath of Tibetan bowls, monochord, and the sound therapist’s voice, reproducing chants and harmonics. This singular ritual offers an inward and healing journey to help release tensions, unlock the body, and relax the mind, thereby enhancing the quality of our vital energy

A choreographed sequence of movements in a massage specially crafted by our holistic therapists, set to harmonious and carefully selected musical compositions. A delightful dance towards the peak of relaxation that transports you to a paradise of auditory, kinesthetic, and olfactory sensations. The Alqvimia essential oils serve as the final touch, completing a unique sensory experience

Water massage with a powerful neurosedative effect.

Reduces anxiety and stress levels. Promotes an overall sense of well-being. Improves sleep quality. Reduces general pain and enhances digestion

Thanks to the crystals, polished with 12 sides at an angle of 52 degrees (the angle of the Great Pyramid of Giza), the light transfers the vibration of the crystals directly to the chakras. Vogel quartz crystals act as natural lasers, and their vibration is identical to the symbol of sacred geometry, the Flower of Life, which represents the perfection of creation in a geometric structure also found in the cells of all living beings. This healing process involves the energetic body through the vibration of light and the use of Bach flower essences

We have a structured energetic body that fluctuates with our thoughts and emotions. By understanding and working on the energetic nature of the aura, we can develop inner peace, balance, and contentment.

Upon completion of the energy work, a report will be provided, including a summary of the session’s findings and guidelines for further self-care and maintenance.

The perfect rest for your legs, a relaxation and revitalization ritual combining a gentle massage with flowers from our garden, awakening the senses with subtle and fresh aromas. Additionally, the pressotherapy stimulates circulation and alleviates heaviness, providing deep and restorative relief

Enjoy a gentle exfoliation with salts that remove impurities from your skin, followed by a nourishing red clay wrap. To complete the experience, a leg massage will provide you with absolute relaxation, addressing typical issues in that area such as tired legs or swelling

A treatment designed to tone and restore the body. A relaxing Atlantis Bath, using Sanivorous salts to tone and purify the skin, providing a sensation of total renewal. Next, a Vichy massage, where water jets stimulate and revitalize the muscles, leaving a feeling of lightness and cleanliness. The experience concludes on heated anatomical sofas

Detoxifying treatment with Photon, lymphatic drainage massage, flotarium, and relaxation on anatomical sofas with our Sanivorous Detox infusion

Moisturizing and restorative circuit.
Cleopatra bath, flower peeling from our garden, clay wrap and massage with organic honey.

Well-being and pleasure. Through 100% pure cocoa, with a direct effect on reducing wrinkles, skin sagging, and other signs of aging. In addition to this, the presence of tannins, polyphenols, and theobromine makes the chocolate bath, peeling, body wrap with light mandarin notes, and cocoa massage help you burn accumulated fat and reduce cellulite


Awaken your senses with a leg exfoliation using salts, followed by a clay wrap. This treatment is completed with a relaxing massage using sesame oil to relieve neck tension, arm soreness, leg heaviness, foot pain, and fluid retention.


This treatment alleviates stress, tension, and common pregnancy discomforts. Harnessing the power of Alqvimia oils based on roses, we prevent and treat stretch marks, itching, and other common skin issues during pregnancy. Includes a facial treatment.

By combining INDIBA and BEMER in a treatment, you achieve a unique and comprehensive experience. These technologies work together to promote cellular regeneration, improve circulation, strengthen the immune system, and increase overall vitality

Health Holistic Anamnesis, testing, nutrition, supplementation, phytotherapy, holistic treatment, chakras, Reiki…
* Includes two Holistic Health tests
** Includes a Holistic Health test

It contributes to improving the quality of life for both healthy individuals and those suffering from any type of condition, reducing inflammation, and enhancing the body’s detoxification, repair, and regenerative capacity through nutrition. It includes bioimpedance analysis and a personalized plan

Carry out your sessions and follow-ups from the comfort of your home through online sessions with our team of holistic specialists: *Psycho Coaching, *Therapeutic Nutrition Consultation, and Conscious Sanivorous Nutrition, *Spiritual Guidance, *Meditation and Pranayama, *Therapeutic Exercise Session (for individuals with injuries).

Get a 15% discount on the regular session prices for individual sessions. Enjoy a 20% discount when you book 5 or more sessions.

General well-being examination that includes:






Determines the overall cardiovascular status as well as the activity of the Central Nervous System

A non-invasive and painless test that measures levels of minerals and trace elements, heavy metals, and oxidative stress

A safe, accurate, and non-invasive method that provides data on body composition, including measurements of water, fat, visceral fat, minerals, muscle, basal metabolism, and body mass index

Determines the bone mineral density

Especially indicated for individuals with respiratory or hepatic issues. It is complemented with alkaline hydrogenated Kangen Water

Aromatherapy in a hot tub with salts and essential oils, followed by a seaweed wrap on a hydroacupressure bed with hydrojets

Global detox for weight loss and treatment of cardiovascular, joint, muscular, and general pain issues.

Infrared technology for aesthetics, health, and overall well-being.

Accompanied by alkaline hydrogenated Kangen Water.

BEMER technology contributes to improving the microcirculation of the smallest blood vessels, aiding the body’s own self-healing, recovery, and regeneration processes. It enhances physical and mental performance and the body’s ability to fight diseases while boosting the immune system.

Accompanied by alkaline hydrogenated Kangen Water

Non-invasive, painless, and entirely harmless treatment that induces an increase in temperature from within the cells. It is applied aesthetically and therapeutically on the body, face, and hair.


Improves skin elasticity, hydration, and smoothness (collagen and elastin synthesis)

Aids in organ and tissue regeneration

Reduces inflammation and edema

Facilitates detoxification

Nourishes and revitalizes skin and tissues

Cellulite, stretch marks, recent scars, old scars

Excellent body reducer and firming treatment. Tones buttocks, abdomen, arms, or inner thighs

Revitalizing and Nutritious.
Body peeling, foot massage, and shea body massage.

Soft, nourished, and satin-smooth skin.
Peeling and massage with the aroma of amber and myrrh.

The Secrets de Sothys® ritual elegantly and gracefully combines the ingredients of a unique treatment. A moment of well-being and deep relaxation for soft and velvety skin

A comprehensive ritual for deep relaxation that offers long-lasting radiant beauty. Thanks to its eleven unique and highly concentrated formulations, it reduces wrinkles by 53%, diminishes weakened pores, and provides deep hydration

Inspired by ancient Egyptian beauty rituals, this ritual gives the skin a luminous and healthy appearance. It regenerates, repairs, hydrates, and relieves congestion. Moreover, internally, it provides a complete sense of relaxation, renewal, fulfillment, and well-being. Highly recommended for conditioning the skin after sun exposure.

Body treatment. Includes peeling, wrap, and massage.

The magic of Frankincense and Myrrh to treat skin aging on the face and body, providing deep hydration that nourishes and imparts elasticity for a soft and velvety touch. This ritual is inspired by the ancient queens of Egypt, designed to make you feel powerful, deserving, and capable of achieving everything you set your mind to

Immerse yourself in a sea of profound well-being. The combination of an anti-stress body treatment and a nourishing and hydrating facial treatment provides peace and physical and mental relaxation

100% natural hydration, nutrition, and dermoprotection for the delicate skin of children and babies

Soft partial massage with nail polish and a streak of color. Accompanied by natural apple juice with fine bubbles and organic candies

Chocolate Wrap and Cocoa Oil Massage. With bites of organic chocolates and a drink of organic vegetable milk with carob

Combination of harmonious movements with yoga stretches to release tension from the body and mind. Based on the ancient Thai massage. It is performed in pajamas on a tatami

Soothing and Relaxing. Shea butter combined with chocolate or honey

Relaxing massage with hot volcanic rocks

A unique massage created by our specialists to generate maximum relaxation. The combination of oils prepared from medicinal plants harvested in our garden, along with various massage gadgets, promote the flow of energy and body-mind relaxation

Customized massage with essential oils that nourishes the skin, relieves pain, and prevents various conditions. Improves circulation, the lymphatic system, and promotes the generation of positive emotions

Hawaiian massage for the stimulation of the circulatory, respiratory, digestive, and lymphatic systems

A massage that transforms into a dance within the waters enriched with Epsom salts in the floatarium

Herbal aromatic peeling and massage under shower infusion. Revitalizing

Total relaxation and absolute well-being. Improves stress, insomnia, and anxiety

Intensive decontracting treatment thanks to the combined work of the therapist and THERAGUN®

Pressure applied to localized points on the soles of the feet. Relieves chronic ailments and improves the overall state of the body

Decontracting massage to eliminate localized tensions in the legs and/or back

Japanese therapy of pressures on meridian areas and acupuncture points

Contrast of hot and cold stones for beautiful skin. Soothing and anti-aging


Revitalizante, reafirmante y moldeador.


Moisturizing and revitalizing.


Revitalizing, antioxidant, and firming.




Relaxing and anti-wrinkle

Inspired by the alchemical traditions of Europe and Asia, the proposals of Magistral Hydrotherapy offer a ‘journey’ inwards through the senses

Total flotation and a feeling of weightlessness for a relaxing and detoxifying treatment in our exclusive Flotarium with 8,000 liters of water and 4,500 kg of Epsom salts

Exfoliation, cleansing, and final hydration for radiant skin.


Stimulating and revitalizing.


Detoxifying and antioxidant.





Slimming. Immediate and long-lasting reducing effect

Regenerating and soothing treatment, especially recommended for after sun exposure. Leaves the skin silky and relieved

Clay wrap and exfoliation, application of floral water tonic, and hydrating massage with Shea Butter.

Firming Wrap

Hydrating and Stimulating

Detoxifying and Destressing

Draining Massage. It is accompanied by an infusion of organic and purifying tea.

Circulation Activation and Deep Hydration.

The perfect complement to a body wrap for a comprehensive treatment. With freshly crafted organic products from our natural cosmetics atelier

Tones and provides firmness and radiance.

Anti-aging treatment that improves peripheral blood circulation, providing natural nutrients to aging cells through a masterful herbal formula (during the metabolization of ingested food

Maintenance for all ages. Prevents cellular aging

Remineralizes and illuminates the skin thanks to its marine active ingredients

Revitalizing and nourishing

For mature skin. Treats deep wrinkles and sagging contours

Antibacterial and anti-seborrheic action

Purifying, deep-cleansing, and soothing

Essential nourishment and flexibility for the skin

Soothing effect. Reduces redness

Regenerates the skin. For recent and old scars

Improves the appearance and texture of the skin

Deep Cleansing and Hydration.
Prepares the skin to make it receptive to the application of products or treatments

Effective Anti-Spot Treatment. Luminosity and Uniformity

For skin with hormonal imbalances and tendency to shine

Sensory pleasure and effectiveness to awaken the skin and give it an instant burst of radiance.
A true moment of well-being that provides great relaxation while adding luminosity, flexibility, and comfort to the skin with certified organic products.
Suitable for all skin types, even sensitive ones.

Hydrated and luminous skin. Reclaims 4.5 years in just one treatment

Tightens, regenerates, and provides luminosity, elasticity, and hydration.

Facial Treatment Supplement.
Ideal to complement any facial treatment. Extra anti-aging boost.

Deep Relaxation for a soft and velvety skin.

Eliminates the feeling of fatigue, firms muscle tone, and reduces adipose tissue and cellulite

Complete treatment to target areas with adiposity, excess fat, and unwanted volume. Dissolves fat and promotes its elimination, reduces volume, and improves metabolism

Regenerates tissue and reduces the appearance of the skin. Treats both white and red stretch marks

Relieves congestion, calms, and provides a feeling of lightness and total rest. Indicated for treating cellulite and circulatory problems. Sensation of lighter legs. Improves circulation, reduces volume, and drains

Firms, revitalizes, regenerates, and strengthens the elasticity of the bust

Especially indicated for skin and tissue with sagging. Improves skin quality, restores elasticity, provides nourishment, and firms skin and muscles. Reshapes the abdomen, hips, legs, buttocks, or bust

Specifically designed to treat hormonal imbalances related to menopause, such as body aging, fluid retention, inflammation in the upper trunk, and fat accumulation in the abdomen and flanks.

Improves skin quality and elasticity, and helps reduce volume.

Deep hydration for hands or feet and symptomatic relief for joint pain, tendinitis, and muscle contractions

Complete manicure with peeling, paraffin bath, and massage. Hydration, softness, and improved blood flow in the hands

*Supplement for the removal of permanent nail polish: €15

Pedicure with peeling, bubble massage for feet in hydrojet, paraffin bath, and manual massage. Hydration, softness, and circulation activation

*Supplement for the removal of permanent nail polish: €15

Hand and Nail Care with transparent finish

*Supplement for the removal of permanent nail polish: €15

Foot Care with transparent finish

*Supplement for the removal of permanent nail polish: €15

Revitalizes fragile, lifeless, or prone to hair loss

Treats baldness, hair weakening, and hair loss. Promotes hair growth and strengthens it

Microneedling and Mesotherapy with Vitamins or Hyaluronic Acid and Growth Factors, with massage

Using natural and organic products with the application of a revitalizing hair lotion


BRIDES (Hairstyles and makeup)**

MAKEUP (Natural and party)**

**Consult available options

Private sessions of:





Assessment of physical, metabolic, anatomical, and structural status. Includes Bioimpedance

Respiratory-postural training for structural correction and strengthening of the pelvic floor

Set of controlled movements to balance body and mind

Evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of the neuro-musculo-skeletal system


Our specialized team takes care of designing your personalized training
Especially recommended after the functional assessment

Vibration Plate Training

Functional Rehabilitation in Water

One of the most comprehensive physical activities. Created in collaboration by doctors and sports professionals

Private session with a personal trainer

A wide collection of activities for the whole family. Yoga, Music, Eco-Workshops, Meditation… Our team of therapists will help you achieve your best version with different experiences focused on your well-being, self-awareness, and continuous learning.

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