Filosofía Augusta Eco Wellness Resort

Since the beginning of our work on June 21, 1999, our commitment to "Continuous Improvement" has been firm and determined. A bet that represents one of the fundamental pillars of our history and of the "Augusta" Experience, that thousands of people know and enjoy year after year, giving us the biggest prize we can aspire to, their fidelity.

Creating unique experiences is, from then until today, our true passion and driving force.

At Augusta Eco Wellness Resort we are convinced that all living beings have the same right to exist, to develop and to express themselves independently, and that they all deserve the same respect. In this way, we advocate that human activity cause the least possible impact on other species and on the planet itself.

The culture of living, interactivity, ecological agriculture and the use of renewable energy help to forge the Augusta identity seal.

We understand and remember that science is at the basis of respect for nature and thanks to it, we commit ourselves to:

  • Consume 100% renewable energy.

  • Actively recycle everything that is recyclable and dispense, throughout 2020, of all non-reusable plastic, eliminating it whenever feasible and there is an alternative.

  • Integrate organic farming in our restaurants, supplying our kitchens with the Eco Huerto de San Ginés, more than 8,000 m2 dedicated to the organic cultivation of vegetables, aromatic, fruit trees, etc. and where customers of all ages can actively participate in the activities we develop to promote environmental care and the basic concepts of sustainable agriculture.
    The Eco Huerto, recently inaugurated, is a clear example of how to act globally thinking about local, claiming and betting decisively on local and top quality products.

  • Support local producers with the choice of raw materials of km 0, giving priority to those with the seal of environmental commitment.

  • Compost, whenever possible, pruning remains and leftovers of food to regenerate the lands of the Ecological Garden and the Resort gardens.

  • Use ecological products with CE certificate for cleaning and disinfection of our facilities, as well as arrange organic and recyclable amenities in all rooms.

  • Introducing nature into the rooms thanks to the life provided by plants, purifying the environment and creating a healthier environment.

  • Minimize water consumption beyond the rooms and maximize its use through rainwater collection and recycling systems for irrigation and swimming pools.

  • Promote good environmental practices among children with the inclusion of environmentally responsible activities in our Children’s Entertainment Program.

  • To promote and support, through sponsorship, Ngos responsible for the protection of biodiversity and the recovery of ecosystems, their flora and fauna, such as those developed by the Oceanium Dakar programme. Because our commitment to the environment is a shared commitment.

  • To take care of the health and well-being of all, minimizing the electromagnetic impact in our workplaces and installations, especially against potentially dangerous technologies such as 5G (+ info: documentary).

  • In addition, our uniforms are created and manufactured by suppliers respectful of the environment, also emphasizing organic, ecological or recycled fabrics.

  • The Tourist Quality Q endorses us as the first hotel in the province to be certified in 2003. We proudly promote the Galicia Calidade brand, of which we have the honour to be part, from its earliest beginnings. Currently, we have been recognized as Environmental Ecologists by TRIPADVISOR, and we are in the process of certification of the prestigious international seal specialized in Ecofriendly hotels THE GREEN KEY.

  • Our Resort is also a second home for the most loyal companions of our guests and friends. For more than a decade, we are a Pet friendly reference establishment.

In short, we are aware that our footprint on the planet must feel like a caress that comforts, pampers, cares for and respects the common house that we all inhabit for that reason we face these commitments with the collaboration of our guests who, with small gestures, they also add to the protection and care of the environment.

In addition, to this philosophy and way of life that we practice, we join our determined commitment to the integrative Wellness or integral well-being that combines, in a synergistic combination, health and holidays, rest and balance, thus completing a new highly specialized offer, innovative and effective, starting from a philosophy with a 360º approach, offering a global vision of the person and favouring his/her integral well-being in the long term.
The Integrative Wellness is no longer understood as a visit to a good Spa in which to receive fantastic massages and some hydrotherapy technique... but it becomes a philosophy of integral well-being taken to a higher level. Highly qualified and committed professionals attend and care for the guest in an integral way, from feeding to exercise practice, through the best health treatments or body-restwhich is favoured by the privileged location of Sanxenxo and by the magical surroundings of the Padriñán Valley and the Rías Baixas.

Courage makes us take risks and release the assurances we were anchored in. The will to grow and the desire to contribute new ideas impel us towards a firm purpose with its corresponding declaration of intentions, making possible a formula that, in essence, should serve to vindicate the primordial value of life.

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