Filosofía Augusta Eco Wellness Resort

At Augusta Eco Wellness Resort we are convinced that all living beings have the same right to exist, to develop and to express themselves independently, and that they all also deserve the same respect. In this way, we advocate that human activity cause the least possible impact on other species and on the planet itself.

The culture of living, interactivity, sustainable agroecology and the use of renewable energy help to forge the Augusta seal of identity, making our mark on the planet feel like a caress that comforts, pampers, cares for and respects the common home we all inhabit.

For this we commit to:

  • Consume renewable energy.

  • Actively recycle everything that is recyclable and do without non-reusable plastics.

  • Integrate sustainable agroecology in our restaurants, supplying our kitchens with the Huerto de San Ginés, more than 8,000 m2 dedicated to the sustainable cultivation of vegetables, aromatic, fruit trees, etc. and where customers of all ages can actively participate in the activities we develop to promote environmental care and the basic concepts of permaculture.

  • We cultivate our own garden of medicinal and aromatic plants to make both delicious recipes and Sivana Holistic Spa treatments, inspired by the ancient knowledge of herbal medicine and the almost forgotten teachings of alchemy. At Sivana Holistic Spa we offer holistic harmonization treatments for the whole body, massages and healing baths and create personalized beauty treatments tailored to the individual needs of each guest.

  • The term 'biophilia' comes from the classical greek where 'Bios' means life and 'philia' means love. In our spa we gather the power of biophilia and we are inspired by the fertile flora of the medicinal wild plants that surround us, granting us their strength and beauty and allowing us to cultivate them in our garden of medicinal and aromatic plants to use them in the elaboration of essences, ointments and exquisite poultices for the development of a sensational concept of alchemical and holistic well-being.

  • These plants are also served in delicious infusions as well as an accompaniment to the culinary creations of the Potus Restaurant and our Snack Bar, as well as in the healthier daily menu, based on the Conscious Sanivorous Feeding included in all Holistic Wellness Programs.

  • Offer weekly different activities and workshops are offered both to learn more about the power of plants as well as the homemade elaboration of vegan and natural cosmetic products (SANIvorous Activities and Workshops) using the power and energies of nature to pamper and get a positive effect about body, mind and soul.

  • Support local producers with the choice of raw materials of km 0, giving priority to those with the seal of environmental commitment.

  • Compost, whenever possible, pruning remains and leftovers of food to regenerate the lands of the Huerto de San Ginés and the Resort gardens.

  • Use ecological products with CE certificate for cleaning and disinfection of our facilities, as well as arrange organic and recyclable amenities in all rooms.

  • Introduce nature in the Resort as well as in all the rooms thanks to the life provided by plants, purifying the environment and creating a healthier environment.

  • Minimize water consumption beyond the rooms and maximize its use through rainwater collection and recycling systems for irrigation and swimming pools.

  • Technological advances and the rhythm of life based on consumption inevitably lead to the global pollution of our planet. This, in turn, leads to the depletion of bioenergy from food and water that we need for life. Resort water activation is a process where we use the natural, implosive shear of the water to return it to its natural state – original with all its unique, pure spring water properties – reduced surface tension, soft, and bioenergetically alive, something that is noticeable both in the taste of food and in the growth of plants, skin, hair and everything that is directly or indirectly related to water.

  • Promote good environmental practices among children with the inclusion of environmentally responsible activities in our Sanívoros Kids Entertainment Program.

  • As an internationally certified establishment with the Green Key badge, we are committed to maintaining constant improvement of excellence in the field of environmental responsibility and sustainable tourism by meeting strict criteria in the field of environmental management (water, energy, waste, cleaning...) and sustainable education (staff, guests, suppliers...). Criteria that ensure sustainability in the management and daily operation of the Resort.

  • To promote and support, through sponsorship, NGOs responsible for the protection of biodiversity and the recovery of ecosystems, their flora and fauna, such as those developed by the Oceanium Dakar programme.

  • Orgonize the space of the entire Resort to take care of everyone's health and well-being, minimizing the electromagnetic impact in our facilities as well as workplaces, especially in the face of potentially dangerous technologies such as chemtrails (documentary) or 5G (documentary).

  • Our uniforms are created and manufactured by suppliers respectful of the environment, emphasizing organic, ecological or recycled fabrics.

  • Our Resort is also a second home for the most loyal companions of our guest and friends. We are a Pet Friendly establishment where all pets are welcome.

In addition, to this philosophy and way of life that we practice, we add our firm commitment to integrative wellness or holistic wellness, combining health and holidays, rest and balance in a synergistic binomial, through a highly specialized, innovative and effective offer, which starts from a philosophy with a 360º approach capable of obtaining a global vision of the person and promoting their comprehensive well-being in both the short and the medium and long term. (Holistic Wellness Programs)

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Augusta Eco Wellness Resort provides:
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Pet Friendly


Sabemos la importancia y el cariño que siente por su mascota y compartimos su afecto. Todo el equipo humano de Augusta Eco Wellness Resort es amante de las mascotas, y desde un canario hasta el mejor amigo del hombre, las mascotas son siempre bienvenidas. En el deseo de poder garantizar el confort de todos nuestros huéspedes, le informamos que hay normas que deberá cumplir para la admisión y el disfrute de su estancia junto a su mascota.


Todas las reservas serán bajo petición en las habitaciones específicamente designadas para la admisión de mascotas. El precio del suplemento variará dependiendo del peso y la edad de la mascota. Consulte las condiciones con nuestro departamento de Reservas.


El Resort dispone de áreas Pet determinadas donde podrá estar suelta y jugar como es el caso del Eco Huerto situado en el Augusta l.

Disponemos también de un circuito Agility (Augusta I) para el disfrute de su mascota.

Menú Bio para mascotas en Restaurante Potus (consulte a nuestro personal)

Equipo de aseo para mascotas: toallas desechables y pañitos y bolsas plásticas (bajo petición)

Consulte la Guía completa para una buena convivencia Augusta’s Pet Friendly con nuestro departamento de Reservas.
Con la contratación de este servicio, el Resort colaborará con el 10% de la facturación recaudada que será donado al SANTUARIO VEGANO WINGS OF HEARTS en la Comunidad Autónoma de Madrid para la protección y el cuidado de los animales más indefensos