6 nights / 7 days
Desde 275,65
4 in 1

The main objective of this program is, by merging four approaches (weight loss, purification, rejuvenation and health), to enhance the body’s natural and synergistic recovery process.

Determine the level of oxidative stress in the body by performing specific tests, in order to take measures to counteract it.

Achieve a weight reduction in a healthy way and, at the same time, carry out a process of cleaning and purification of the organism, to achieve global results and an optimal state of health and energy.

Learn new healthy eating habits that allow to optimize the natural mechanisms of detoxification and achieve a weight loss maintained over time.


Accommodation in Premium Double Room, Gold Views & Only Adults Room, Demi Suite, Family Suite or Master Suite.

Four Columns® Tasty & Healthy Therapeutic Breakfast with a careful selection of bio therapeutic products, aimed at strengthening the benefits of the program.

Full Board; including healthy, vegan and/or vegetarian options.

Organic Detox Snack and Drinks during the stay.

NATURAL LIFE Collective Activities every two days of stay: Yoga, Tai-Chi, Aquagym, Mindfulness, Nordic Walking or Healthy Cooking Class or Therapeutic Feeding.

Specific supplementation with Micronutrition and medical supervision.

Medical Consultation in Integrative Medicine or Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Supervision by Health & Nutritional Coach Team throughout the stay.

Nutritional Consultation and Analysis of Basic Health Parameters. Comprehensive history and relevant tests on the state of health, blood pressure, heart rate, spirometry, temperature and oxygen saturation and impedance test for determination of weight, height, % of body fat, % of body water, muscle mass and index of body mass.

Targeted to
  • People who have inadequate eating habits, excess weight and/or high levels of stress.

  • People who need to detoxify and purify their body of all kinds of toxic substances.

  • People who need an improvement in their state of health in a short space of time.

  • People who want to enjoy healthy aging.

  • People who want to improve their overall health and avoid disease chronification.

Available Plans

Dark field microscopy analysis

Cellular bioanalysis is a painless test that involves the extraction…

Stress Level and Cardiovascular Status Analysis

This rapid and painless test provides a real-time and non-invasive…


Non-invasive, painless and effective spectrophotometry test that measures the possible…

Inflammation Analysis

Inflam Catch is a novel biomedicine technology that allows the…


An ECG gives two major kinds of information. First, by…

Eco Densitometry

Diagnosis of bone mass status, quick, non-invasive and painless tests…

Blood and Oxidative Stress Analytic

Biochemical study through which the most relevant parameters are measured…

Foodgen Food Genetic Analysis**

Genetic study that analyzes the 20 genes related to nutritional…

Uno de los tratamientos a su elección


Amino acids are essential nutrients for the whole organism and…

* May be hired directly at the resort.
**21-30 days to obtain results. Medical consultation by phone or Skype for the evaluation of the results included.
Integrative Health Medical Consultation

Tests and collection of relevant information on health status: taking…

Consultation of Healthy Nutrition with Health Nutricional Coach. Four Columns Therapeutic Food

Therapeutic Feeding (TA) is a type of diet designed to…

Session of Natural Life Collective Activities every Two Days of Stay

Yoga, Tai-Chi, Aquagym, Mindfulness, Nordic Walking and Healthy Cooking or…

Acupuncture and Consultation in Chinese Traditional Medicine

Acupuncture is a millenary therapeutic technique, which consists of the…

Colon Hydrotherapy*

Smooth and hygienic cleaning of the large intestine with filtered…

Uno de los tratamientos a su elección
Organic Coffee Enema with Kangen Water*

Technique aimed at effective detoxification of the large intestine, as…

Bioenergetic Vacumterapy Massage

The patented Cellular Stretching method improves skin elasticity and treats…

Hydroenergetic Cure

The health benefits of this treatment are multiple:

  • Eliminates…
Lymphatic Drainage

Manual lymphatic drainage is a massage therapy technique aimed at…


Treatment carried out with specific apparatus by means of the…

Indiba Radiofrequency

Indiba is a non-invasive, painless and totally harmless treatment that…

Mars Ultracavitation

Personalized anti-cellulite slimming treatment for each client and type of…

Shrinking Violet Slimming Wrapping

Technique that activates the lipolysis process, eliminating unwanted fat without…

Platinum Photon

Japanese patent technology. The Platinum Photon capsule promotes the absorption…


Our flotarium has been designed as the only one of…

Personalized Training

Our team of personal trainers dominates a wide variety of…

Power Plate

The basic principle of vibration training has its origin in…

Presentation of Personalized Health and Diet Plan at the End of the Stay
Post Stay Medical Consultation by Facetime or Skype
* Treatments subject to medical criteria
Four Columns Postural Hygiene

Reeducation or hygiene posture is a method of evaluation, diagnosis…

* May Be Hired Directly at the Resort.

Program of 6 nights / 7 days

Offer compatible with Promotion "Non-refundable 2021" (-6%)

Consult accompanying person price without treatments.
Cancelation Policy
  • Booking cancellation: due to the specialties logistic and pre-operational requirements of Health and Integrative Welfare programs, except that other conditions are specifically detailed, the cancellation conditions in force are the following:
    • Cancellation with 7 days in advance: 1 night of management expenses.
    • Cancellation between 6 and 3 days in advance: 2 nights of management expenses.
    • Cancellation with less than 3 days in advance: 50% of expenses on the total booking.
  • Previous departures are ruled by the same cancellation policy.
  • Health and Integrative Welfare programs are not compatible with Solvida cancellation insurance.
  • The "-6% Non-Refundable Rate Discount", has the non-refundable character during the whole period of the booking.
  • In case of "no-show" (if not presented) the establishment will charge 100% of the booking.
Augusta Eco Wellness Resort, de la mano de Four Columns®, le da la bienvenida a una nueva Era del Bienestar

Augusta Eco Wellness Resort está idealmente situado en un enclave privilegiado, donde lograr cambios positivos, significativos y duraderos en nuestra salud y bienestar, permitiéndonos alcanzar un perfecto equilibrio interior y disfrutar de una buena salud física, mental y emocional.

Augusta I
* All the treatments of this chart are performed in Augusta's I Spa.
Augusta Eco Wellness Resort Probono

5% of the turnover obtained with Natural Life rates and programs goes entirely to the Augusta Eco Wellness Resort Pro-Bono program whose purpose is to help the most disadvantaged to recover their health and enjoy a healthy and full life.

Four Columns® Team

Integrative Medicine Specialists

Caetana Varela-Hall DIRECTORA MÉDICA

Degree in Medicine and Surgery from the Complutense University of Madrid, University Expert in Natural Medicine from the University of…

Manuel López Doctor of Aesthetic Medicine

Bachelor of Medicine from the University of Navarra. Member of the Spanish Society of Aesthetic Medicine and Member of the…


Specialised in Clinical Neuropsychology, he focused his studies on the biological bases that underlie anxiety and depression disorders. His extensive…

Lino Fernández Doctor of Chinese Traditional Medicine

Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine from Beijing University and Acupuncture Specialist, advocates the principle that states that there are no…

Yolanda Vázquez Ars Vivendi Academy Manager

Licenciada en Filosofía y Ciencias de la Educación por la Universidad de Santiago de Compostela, pronto empezó a trabajar en…

Health & Nutricional Coaches Team

To live a vibrant life, all of us need comprehensive support. A team of holistic therapists, specialized and widely trained in the comprehensive care of body and mind, to help clients feel better through changes in diet and lifestyle with personalized treatment.

Karla Pérez Díaz Coordinadora Four Columns y SANÍvoros Lab
Javier Fernández Barros Health Nutritional Coach
Fabricio Casas Belouta Health Nutritional Coach
Carla Prieto Health Nutritional Coach
Nélida Soliño Vázquez Health Nutritional Coach
Agustín González Health Nutritional Coach & Personal Trainer
Cristina Alarcón Gómez Health Nutritional Coach
Javier Martín Vázquez Health Nutritional Coach
Pablo García Reino Health Nutritional Coach
Other proposals of Integrative Health & Wellness

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Augusta Eco Wellness Resort provides:
Electric Vehicle Charger
Tesla Supercharger

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Los servicios sanitarios, unidades asistenciales, autorizados para su prestación y sujetos a disponibilidad, son:

Green Key


Green Key es una ecoetiqueta voluntaria para hoteles que basa en el cumplimiento de estrictos criterios en el ámbito de la gestión medioambiental (agua, energía, residuos, limpieza...) y la educación sostenible (personal, huéspedes, proveedores...).

La obtención del distintivo Green Key certifica la excelencia en el campo de la responsabilidad ambiental y la operación sostenible dentro de la industria hotelera. Green Key ha sido otorgado a más de 3.100 establecimientos en 66 países, lo que la convierte en uno de los distintivos de turismo sostenible más importante a nivel internacional.

¿Qué significa el distintivo Green Key?

Green Key significa que los establecimientos distinguidos cumplen con los estrictos criterios estipulados por la Fundación para la Educación Ambiental (FEE). Estos criterios aseguran que la sostenibilidad está integrada en la gestión y operación del hotel. El distintivo también garantiza la verificación del cumplimiento de los criterios con las bases de la legitimidad, oportunidad y transparencia. Todos los establecimientos distinguidos reciben visitas de control in situ, así como verificaciones documentales que conllevan en renovar su reconocimiento de manera anual.

¿Cómo se monitorea Green Key?

Los establecimientos con el distintivo Green Key, son supervisados constantemente para garantizar que los hoteles se adhieran a los estrictos estándares de sostenibilidad. Además, los hoteles deben mejorar continuamente su desempeño de acuerdo con los criterios Green Key. Antes de otorgarse el distintivo por primera vez, se lleva a cabo una visita de control in situ del hotel solicitante. Esta visita de control in situ se realiza anualmente.

Green Key cuenta con el apoyo de la Organización Mundial del Turismo y el reconocimiento del Consejo Global de Turismo Sostenible.

Centro SANívoros la Buena Vida


Un método único que integra terapias naturales y holísticas, nutrición, fisiología, hábitos de vida saludable, emociones y espiritualidad. La cosmovisión SANÍvora observa al ser humano bajo una perspectiva holística y funcional como un Todo integrado, desarrollando para ello una metodología sinérgica y multidisciplinar que permite identificar y actuar con éxito sobre todas las claves de la salud y longevidad.


La Alimentación SANÍvora Consciente está orientada a quienes quieren aprender y cuidar de una forma más sana y saludable su alimentación, sin renunciar ni a la cantidad de comida ni a su espíritu más gourmet. Sigue los principios de la Alimentación Terapéutica y la nutrición saludable, destacando por una elaboración variada a partir de productos naturales de cercanía, siempre frescos y recién cocinados para favorecer la capacidad depuradora, reparadora y regeneradora del organismo.


Una amplia colección de actividades para toda la familia. Yoga, Música, Eco-Talleres, Meditación… Nuestro equipo de terapeutas te ayudarán a alcanzar tu mejor versión con distintas experiencias centradas en tu bienestar, el autoconocimiento y el aprendizaje continuo.